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Made in the Heart of Edinburgh

A sunny Friday evening brought a large group of Company members together virtually to celebrate the history, cultural significance and healing qualities of Gin and its various tonics from those good people at Edinburgh Gin and Ian Macleod Distillers.

Philip and Mia educated us on the processes and wizardry of master distiller Dave, in bringing together a unique range of ingredients to make some truly fantastic gins and liqueurs from our very own fair city.

We learnt how juniper is either sweet or spicy depending on its geographical location and that milk thistle is good for a hangover, but most important of all that the Gooseberry and Elderflower liqueur is perfect in lots of delicious cocktails!

We were regaled with tales of Old Tom and his fateful demise in a Gin Palace, the foundations of Bathtub Gin and finally the discoveries of various Edinburgh explorers and academics who found in one instance that the bark of the Cinchona tree, contained quinine which in time would prove to be a component part in the fight against scurvy and other such diseases, and now a key ingredient in the G+T’s we devoured of an evening.

A thoroughly entertaining and informative evening with plenty of good-natured discussions on many topics relevant or otherwise.