joining the royal company of merchants

Why Join?

Membership of the The Royal Company of Merchants gives the practical and social benefits of a modern business forum combined with traditions and a history unique in the city of Edinburgh. This isn’t about just joining a networking forum. The Company believes membership can be a two-way street, where Members can serve the Company as well as enjoying the benefits from being part of this prestigious organisation.

As a Member, that means you may attend Company Meetings and support business and social events. You may also be invited to serve on Standing Committees if asked and assist the Education, Liaison & Enterprise Committee with:

  • Presentations and talks at Merchant Company Schools
  • Mock Job interviews for pupils at Merchant Company and other Schools
  • Running Business Dynamics Courses
  • Young Enterprise Advice
  • Supporting the Charities Committee by arranging fundraising events and supporting the work of the Almoner in the community.

In doing this, you will be carrying on the traditions that have existed for more than 300 years and will ensure that they will continue on for the next 300 years.


How To Join

Application for membership is made through the Secretary & Chamberlain in the first instance. He can answer any questions you may have about joining and will provide you with the paperwork you need to apply.

Although membership is not automatic, there are two basic criteria you must meet in order to be considered eligible for membership, namely that you must be – or have been – in business and live or work within 20 miles of General Register House. In addition to completing the application form, you require a proposer and seconder to join.

Once the paperwork is in order, you will be invited to meet informally with a couple of members of the Membership Committee, who will tell you a bit more about the Company and its work. If you still wish to proceed, your application goes to the Court to approve your suitability as a Member. Then your application details are circulated amongst Members before finally being remitted to the Court for election by ballot.

If you are successful, all that is left to do is sign the Roll at one of the Stated General Meetings held quarterly by the Company. Since 1681, only two Roll books have been filled – your membership will be recorded in the third book, opened in 2007.

Interested in joining?

Contact the Secretary & Chamberlain.

0131 220 9284