The Master's Court

The Master
Mr Donald S F Young

The Treasurer
Mr Peter J Hillier

Secretary & Chamberlain
Mr Gregor Murray MA(Oxon) MBA DL
Rev Charles Robertson LVO
The Old Master and Lord Dean of Guild
Mrs E Patricia Denzler
Committee Chairmen
Charities: Ms Julie Ashworth
Education Liaison & Enterprise: Mrs Ashlie Turner
Membership: Mr James Allan
Property: Mr Craig Watson
Archives & Treasures: Mr Ian M L Watson
Investment Committee: Mr Alisdair Dewar
Archivist: Mr Vernon Williamson
Frail and Elderly: Mr Mike Afshar

Mr Craig Watson
Mr Richard Santandreu
Mrs Ashlie Turner
Mr C David Paterson
Mr Malcolm Rust
Mr James Allan
Ms Julie Ashworth
Mr David Cavaye
Mr Kenneth Richards
Mr Michael Boorman
Ms June Lumsden
Mr Roddy Maclennan