Associate Application For Admission

To be eligible to join as an Associate you must be under 35 on 31 December of the current calendar year and must work in or run your own business within the City of Edinburgh or within twenty miles from General Register House Edinburgh, or live within Edinburgh or within 20 miles of General Register House Edinburgh and work in a business that would ultimately make you eligible to become a member at the age of 35.

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    Business Details

    If you know current members of the Company you can put them down as your proposer or seconder, but you should ask them first.

    If not, your application will be forwarded to the Membership Committee, and arrangements will be made to meet with you to further your application.

    I hereby apply as an Associate of the Royal Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh subject to the Acts and Rules of the Company.

    I understand that subject to my application being proposed and seconded the application will be forwarded to the Membership Committee who will satisfy themselves that I am a suitable candidate and that I have the potential to be an owner or manager of small/medium sized enterprise or a senior manager of a larger company by the age of 35.

    Providing that my application passes this stage it will be considered by the Master’s Court.

    I understand that any information contained in this form will be temporarily shared with my proposer, my seconder and those involved in the application process. It will also be held in the Company’s databases for as long as I remain involved with the Royal Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh. Any changes to data can be emailed to For further information our full privacy policy can be found here:

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