This Committee deals with all membership related matters, from organising all the events on the Company’s social calendar to supporting the recruitment of new Members.



The Committee's role is to develop and regularly update the Company and Endowments Trust's strategy for involvement in charitable activities, currently conducted through the Endowments Trust and other Trusts. It oversees the work of the Almoner.


It also makes recommendations to the Trustees on grants to beneficiaries of the Endowments Trust, the Alexander Darling Silk Mercer’s Fund and all other trust funds.


Education Liaison & Enterprise

The Committee exists to develop and regularly update a strategy designed to promote and strengthen the Company's links with its schools, Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools in the north of the city and George Watson’s College in the south.


It liaises with the schools to consider how the Company can assist with the development of pupils' awareness of enterprise and industry. It oversees The Merchant Company Prize for Initiative, an annual award to a senior school pupil (or group of pupils) from an Edinburgh school who has demonstrated exceptional initiative, in the broadest sense of the word, by either facilitating or originating something (and not necessarily solely in the commercial context).



The Company and its institutions have a substantial property portfolio. The Property Committee is responsible for overseeing all property matters, other than the schools, by developing short, medium and long-term strategy for ownership, maintenance and letting of the properties belonging to the Company and the Endowments Trust.

Archives & Treasures
The Committee is involved in all matters related to the treasures and historic possessions of the Company and its Institutions. Its remit is to ensure that the Archive items are inventoried and adequately insured; monitor arrangements for the care and security of the Archive items; arrange for the Archive items to be available on pre-arranged visits by interested parties or by display, particularly in the Vault and the Archives Room; and report to the Court in regard to the matters considered and any resulting recommendations.

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